The sponsorship scheme is one of the Venkat Trust’s great successes. There are now 400 children with sponsors, who pay £14 a month. The difference this money makes to their lives is immeasurable. £8 goes to the family for the child’s welfare and £6 is kept in a savings account for the more expensive years ahead when the child moves onto further education.

Sponsors often ask for their children’s surnames. Strange though it may sound, few people in South India have surnames; they just put their father’s initial before their name. If they have two names, they are both their first names, as in Mary Ann.


Q – Can I write to the child I sponsor?

A- Yes please, children love to hear from their sponsor and will write to you and send cards from time to time.

The address to write to is:

Name of child followed by your surname in brackets (please be sure to do this to avoid confusion as we now have several sponsored children with the same name).
Venkat Trust
Kailasa Nathar Koil Street
Kovalam 603112
Tamil Nadu

Q – What can I send?
A – Letters, photographs, postcards and small presents are all very gladly received. Again please be sure to include the child’s name and yours.

Q – Can I send money?
A – Yes, money is always very welcome indeed! It can either be sent either online to:
Account name: The Venkatraman Memorial Trust
Account number: 11349406
Sort code: 40-24-10


If you prefer to use a cheque please send this to:

The Venkatraman Memorial Trust
PO Box 5039

If you would like to sponsor a child, please get in touch.

Sumithra, one our first two sponsored children, told Sylvia her story, read it here and watch the short film.