Our name, if not our fame, is spreading. Apart from the UK, we now have supporters in the USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Belgium, Hong Long, Switzerland and Ireland.

We now have 60 undergraduates and postgraduates whose fees are paid either by the Trust or are sponsored. Their courses range from four year engineering degrees to three year computer science degrees.

Since we launched VMT we have received hundreds of pages of bank statements. Every single entry is a credit except for money transfers to Kovalam and support for our post doctorate research student in the UK. Not many charities can boast our record – that all donations we receive go to our work in Kovalam. Not a penny is taken for any UK expenses.

Here’s what has been achieved since the Trust was set up in 2004:

  • 1 High School for 1000 pupils
  • 2 Primary School buildings – The Ganesh Building and the Dining Hall
  • 1 The Venkat Tuition Centre
  • 1 The Janikiraman Community Hall
  • 1 school bus
  • 400 sponsored children
  • 68 fees paid for Standard XI and XII pupils at St Joseph’s
  • 80 subsidised students at Panchayat Primary School
  • 2 sports grounds and equipment including bowling machine and nets
  • 2 English teachers
  • 1 Tamil teacher
  • 2 PE teachers
  • 1 snooker coach
  • 1 Snooker Room, 2 tables
  • 1 IT teacher
  • 1 Music Room and music teacher
  • 13 desktop computers and 16 laptops
  • 1 LED projector at High School
  • 60 undergraduate and postgraduate students’ fees
  • 49 graduates
  • 2 electricity generators
  • 3 children’s excursions a year
  • 850 sets of uniform twice a year
  • 300 pairs of sandals
  • 300 school bags
  • 5500 books at High School library
  • 2200 sets of text books and stationery twice a year
  • 1 fully equipped science lab
  • Lots of wells, walls, water pumps, desks and benches, tables, lockers, fans ….